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Home of Office: Charo Delivers

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Charo offers its entire menu for home, office or even the neighborhood park or pool... delivered.

Point, Click, and Eat!

  • Select your favorite Charo Chicken Location.
  • Select your favorite Charo Chicken menu items from our online menu.
  • Confirm and pay for your order right online (the transaction is totally secure).

Enjoy!!! Charo Chicken delivers and the whole family enjoys a healthy, super-tasty meal... and you get all the credit!

You can also call in your order to your favorite location. Click here to get started...

Top 10 Reasons for Charo Delivery

  • You deserve something good to eat
  • Great food
  • Great taste
  • Healthier than pizza
  • Delivery fee is less than a gallon of gas
  • You're tired
  • You've got to pick the kids up from soccer, karate, cheerleading, piano, baseball, softball, football, basketball or one of the 100 things you take your kids too.
  • You forgot to go to the grocery store
  • You feel guilty about your typical fast food meal... and...
  • You and your family deserve something both flavorful and healthy for dinner tonight